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CRONUS: only because its been in contact vwith yours

==> Snort



CRONUS: no, no i didnt

CRONUS: put your knee vwhere it belongs or i vwill dump you back in your coon

==> Knee him, and grab a hold of his shirt. Snicker loudly. 

55HUU7 UP Y0RUR3 8R3357H3 5M3LL5 L1K3K3 D133453


==> You groan and roll your eyes at him until he wipes sopor on your forehead. You stiffen, then slowly scowl and open your eyes, glaring at him. Who the hell was Thimba? Why did he wipe shit on you?

==> You consider punching him, but think against it because he has his knee between your legs and I will end you :3

CRONUS: vwho?

CRONUS: get this shit off my head

==> He looks grumpy. Lean in and kiss him. You know that kisses don’t make everything better, but you enjoy having moments of being able to patronize him. Grind your knee against him, but continue to keep your attention focused on his face.

H35 4 MAN3DD ME0W 838457 DUM8455
D1DN7 Y0U W474CH 7R0LL M4N3D ME0W 8347H7 K1NG


CRONUS: ugh, too bad

CRONUS; its your fault for being a twvig

CRONUS: i aint exactly comfortable either

==> You poke him in the stomach because your side is aching now. 

==> Flip his arm off of you and turn so you can face him. Purposely place your knee between his legs, but continue to act as if nothing happened.

==> You’re still slippery from your pod and smear some of the green substance on his cheek. Flash him a hearty grin. 

L1K3 51M84


==> You grumble a little, your eyes still closed. You bump your forehead against the back of his head and snuggle him more.

CRONUS: pailing vwith clothes on is no fun unless youre kank and get all fussy because you came in your pants

CRONUS: nowv go to sleep

==> You don’t why you’re laughing, but you are. You stop when you realize there isn’t anything really funny about Kankri messing up his pants. Wait, no, that’s totally funny. Fucked up righteous tights. Laughter erupts from you, and you’re holding your sides. You try to muffle the sound by filling your cheeks with air, but it only causes you to make a high pitched laughter that only cracks you up more. 

==> Calm down. Deep breathes. There you go. Elbow the sea-dweller behind you. Keep nudging him until you can remember why you started to in the first place.

1M UNC0MF0R748L3


==> You almost jump when you feel him return and you roll your eyes again before moving the pillow and pulling him close. You spoon him gently and keep your arms around his middle so he couldn’t escape.

CRONUS: arent you alwvays vwhenevwer you are around me?

CRONUS: nowv shoosh

==> Pull his arms up into your arms. If you want to leave,  you’re going to fucking leave. 


==> Snicker. Will there ever be a day you don’t make fun of that accent? Hell no. It’s just about he funniest, sexiest thing you can imagine. Poorly animated boobs coming in second.

4NND 1775 0NLLY 838C4U53 Y0U D0N7 KN0W H0W 70 P41L1 W17H MY L07HH35 0N


/pretends it’s not just an excuse to draw Mituna’s hair


==> You snuggle up into the bed, purring softly. It smelled like mostly-clean laundry and him, so it wasn’t a bad scent at all. You took one of the pillows and hugged it tight because you knew it would end up there anyways and closed your eyes.

==> There you go, right back out of your pod. You can never sleep in it anyway you’re not sure why you try. Wherever you fall asleep is where you rest. Luckily you’ve only chosen the sidewalk once. That or you just want to cuddle the kismesis. Creep into the blankets.

1M N4K3D


I ship straight characters. And I ship gay characters. I don’t ship based on gender. I ship based on chemistry.


==> You watch as he leaves, then stretch out before flopping on the makeshift bed. It’s not so bad. It’s actually kind of soft. Wow, he really made it nice for you.

==> Drop into your pod. Momentarily choke on your slime like a clumsy idiot. Wipe the access slime off your face. Gross. 


CRONUS: howv are you evwen comfortable in those coons?

CRONUS: i alwvays hated mine

CRONUS: i despised it so frigging much

==> Leave. Just leave because you don’t know how to explain it. Naturally you strip the second you enter your blood. You’ve figured out how to work that stupid fucking zipper by now. 


CRONUS: thanks, but no

CRONUS: i aint sleeping in a slime pit

==> Cronus: You pull off your jeans and toss them (thank god you have underwear on) and your shoes in your sylladex, going to flop on the bed that Mituna made for you.

==> Puff up your cheeks. You look like a retarded squirrel, stop that. Blow out the air in a huff, and cross your arms. You’re so fucking numbed to his body it’s not even funny. 

Y0UR3 F1R57 N1GH7 0V3R 4ND Y0UR3 G0NN4 5L5L3P H3RH3


==> You nod a bit and put your shirt in your sylladex.

CRONUS: sounds good to me then

CRONUS: see you later, right?

==> Shrug your shoulders. You don’t really want to just leave him here. 

J001N M3///?
D0U8L3 P00D F0R


CRONUS: fine, fine, are you going to join me?

==> You smirk a little, tugging off your shirt to avoid the horns that you keep forgetting that you don’t have.

==> Force a laugh. 

11F1 1 WNN473D 884CK P41N5 1 W0ULDL JUU57 L4Y 0N 4 R0W0 0F N41L5

==> Point out the door.

1 G337 84D N1NGH773RR0R5
1 N33D MY 5L1LM3


CRONUS: holy crud

CRONUS: i can see the floor

CRONUS: there isnt a vwoid leading to the end in here

CRONUS: shit, thanks, tune

==> Roll your eyes. Lift up your helmet to scratch your eyebrow. You hand is wet, and you completely take off your helmet. Sweating is hella fucking gross. 

G0 7W0 83D